Nonini plans to keep tire shops, shoe stores busy

By December 19, 2017Nonini News

Written by Chuck Malloy, Idaho Politics Weekly Contributor
Published 12/17/17

For political candidates, few things are more daunting than launching a statewide campaign – especially if they are running for an office that hardly touches the hearts and souls of everyday Idahoans.

Such is the case for those six Republicans running for lieutenant governor in next year’s primary election. A recent poll by Dan Jones & Associates shows “Don’t Know,” as the run-away leader at 59 percent. I imagine that “Don’t Care” would win in a landslide.

A lieutenant governor’s race is one that only political junkies could love. It’s a part-time job, and all that’s required is presiding over the Senate during the legislative session and serving as governor when the real boss is out of town. From there, a lieutenant governor could be doing anything from leading international trade missions to finding somebody at the statehouse to play checkers – depending on what the governor allows. Yes, a lieutenant governor is just a heartbeat away from holding the state’s highest office, but voters typically don’t take the time to think about that.

It would make sense for a gubernatorial nominee to select his/her lieutenant governor as a running mate, but Idaho’s Constitution dictates otherwise.

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