As Lieutenant Governor, I will focus on education, jobs, and affordable quality health care.


I believe that all traditional K-12 public instruction, as well as Charter Academies, Virtual Academies, Project Schools and Bridge Academies should be treated fairly and equally by the legislature. Parents deserve the right to choose how they educate their children, including home schooling and private schooling and should not be penalized for choosing one method over another.

  I am proud of my work advocating for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in Idaho.


As Lt. Governor, I will continue promoting quality and affordable health care. That’s why I voted against the implementation of ObamaCare in Idaho. During my time in the Idaho legislature I worked on reforming the State’s health insurance laws advocating for more competition and transparency. This would not only increase choice but would save millions of dollars for Idahoans.

I will continue to explore ways to improve how to deliver quality health care to the citizens of Idaho more effectively without raising the costs.


I will work for fiscal responsibility in government and fight hard against any proposals to raise our taxes. I support a positive business climate in Idaho and the continued recruitment of companies that pay good wages with benefits. A recent example in Idaho of these types of companies are the relocation of Cabela’s, Buck Knives and Sysco Foods.

When companies are profitable, more jobs come to Idaho leading to increased economic growth.


As a lifelong resident of Idaho I know that mining, logging and agriculture have been an integral part of the economy for over 100 years in Idaho. Over the last twenty-five years there has been an alarming decrease in natural resource based employment. These industries have been regulated out of business through environmental regulations, trade agreements and multiple lawsuits.

I support natural resource based industry and will continue to support legislation for these industries to remain a viable part of Idaho’s economy.