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Rep. Bob Nonini has been a pillar of support for education in the Idaho House of Representatives. As Chairman of the Education Committee Nonini has been an advocate for charter schools, home-schooled students, and public education.

Bob is a strong supporter of parental choice in education. Nonini understands that the learning opportunities of today are completely different than those gone by. First and foremost, Nonini understands that it is the parents who are a child’s first teachers. Bob has received accolades and awards from the home-school community and the charter school association.

Bob has also been an advocate for public school. His sponsorship led to the passage of legislation for developing renewable resources on state endowment lands that will deliver millions of dollars to public education. Bob was also the lead sponsor of the Idaho Education Network, which will positively affect the ways students are taught by utilizing the most modern technology.
Nonini gets it. Please join me in sending Rep. Bob Nonini back to Boise. Parents need his strong voice to ensure that they have options in the education of their children.

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