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Senator Nonini Appointed to Idaho’s Higher Education Task Force

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The following is excerpted from the website on February 1, 2017.

Membership Announced for Higher Ed, Workforce Development Task Forces

(BOISE) – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter announced the full membership rolls today for two new task forces created to study and recommend how best to address Idaho’s “K-through-Career” education and job training needs beyond high school.

The Governor’s 36-member Higher Education Task Force and 17-member Workforce Development Task Force both have scheduled organizational meetings in Boise on Friday, February 10th to begin their work. They are patterned on the Governor’s successful Task Force for Improving Education, which submitted 20 recommendations for K-12 public school reforms. The State now is in the third year of a five-year plan for implementing those recommendations targeting teacher pay, preparation and professional development, local school accountability, post-secondary counseling, classroom technology and student performance.

“I’m excited to see such great willingness to participate in this important process. These citizens are eager to help identify and advance the most effective ways for Idaho to aggressively pursue our goals of educating and preparing more Idahoans for productive careers while addressing the growing employer demand for skilled workers,” Governor Otter said. “Individuals and organizations from throughout Idaho are joining in this effort to improve how we plan, fund and implement public policies that work for the people we serve.”

The Higher Education Task Force, led by co-chairs Linda Clark of the State Board of Education and Bob Lokken of Boise-based WhiteCloud Analytics, includes all members of the State Board of Education, including Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra. It also includes the presidents of Boise State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College, the College of Southern Idaho, the College of Western Idaho, North Idaho College and Eastern Idaho Technical College.

State Senator Bob Nonini of Coeur d’Alene, Abby Lee of Fruitland and Janie Ward-Engelking of Boise; and Representatives Ryan Kerby of New Plymouth, Ilana Rubel of Boise and Wendy Horman of Idaho Falls also serve on the Higher Education Task Force. They will be joined by BSU student Josh Scholer, CWI student Matt Hauser, and CSI trustee Laird Stone of Twin Falls. The business community is represented by Skip Oppenheimer of Idaho Business for Education, bankers Mike Mooney and Park Price, David Pate of St. Luke’s Health System, Kurt Liebich of Boise-based RedBuilt, Steve Meyer of Boise’s Parkwood Business Properties, and Ray Stark of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce.

They are joined by BSU instructor and former legislator Wendy Jaquet of Ketchum, retired ISU vice president Bessie Katsilometes, and the Governor’s education adviser, Marilyn Whitney.

The Governor’s employer-driven Workforce Development Task Force is led by co-chairs Brian Whitlock of the Idaho Hospital Association and State Board of Education member David Hill. Its membership includes Bob Boeh of Idaho Forest Group representing natural resources employers, Trent Clark of Monsanto representing agribusiness, Scott Corsetti of Chobani representing food processing, Craig Graf of Meridian-based Micro 100 representing advanced manufacturing, Jeremy Grimm of Sandpoint-based Kochava and Steinar Hjelle of Micron Technology representing high-tech, Tom Harris of Western States Cat in Meridian and Bob Von Lintig of Western Construction in Boise representing the construction industry, Tim Komberec of Empire Airlines in Coeur d’Alene representing aeronautics, and Lonnie Krawl of Idaho Power representing the energy sector.

Task Force members representing workforce training and career-technical education include Staci Low of the West Ada School District, Marie Price of North Idaho College, and Scott Rasmussen of Idaho State University. The Legislature will be represented by Senator Michelle Stennett of Ketchum and Representative Rick Youngblood of Nampa. Idaho Department of Labor Director Ken Edmunds, Division of Career-Technical Education administrator Dwight Johnson and Department of Commerce Director Megan Ronk will facilitate the Task Force’s work and serve as non-voting advisory members.

The full membership lists for both task forces can be found here.

Greater local management is right solution for Idaho’s public lands

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The following article was originally published in The Coeur d’Alene Press on November 18, 2015, by Idaho State Senator Bob Nonini (R-Coeur d’Alene). It has been republished here with express permission from The Coeur d’Alene Press.

Idaho is blessed with incredible natural resources that should sustain our communities and grow Idaho’s economy. However, misguided policies coming out of Washington, D.C., created by individuals who don’t understand our Idaho values, threaten the use of these resources.

We need a leader who defends Idaho’s natural resources and those who make a living off the land.

Brad Little has been working on public lands issues his entire life. A third generation Idaho rancher and farmer from Gem County, he first cut his teeth on the Sagebrush Rebellion in the late 1970s.

Brad has a record of standing up to the federal government. In 2000, he led the group — which included Boise Cascade and recreational groups — that successfully sued and stopped a burdensome Clinton Administration regulation that would have locked up millions of acres of undesignated federal forestlands. Because of Brad’s leadership, a new Republican administration gave Idaho the opportunity to draft its own roadless rule, a rule that made sense for rural communities and their economies.

As important as proper education funding is, the rural public school districts in Idaho continue to suffer under federal land management due to lack of economic opportunities.

There are plenty of examples of common sense land management within our state. Federal forests and rangelands should be managed like state and privately held lands are currently managed — actively.

Out-of-state environmentalists claim that active management, or greater state and local management, are a threat to the health of our public lands. The evidence suggests otherwise. Every summer brings out-of-control wildfires, burning up hundreds of thousands of acres of forests and rangelands, and producing more smoke than any power plant or factory could. These catastrophic fires generally occur on federal lands. Something must be done.

All Idahoans want balance in the management of our public lands. We want access for hunting, fishing and recreation — opportunities for ranchers, farmers, miners and loggers to make a living — thriving rural economies and a healthy environment.
Accomplishing these goals requires as much local control as possible.

As it has been throughout its history, Idaho must be the preferred place for liberty and economic prosperity for this generation and generations to come. This continued prosperity can only happen with the freedom of greater local management of Idaho’s public lands, leading to better management of Idaho’s natural resources.

As Idaho’s next governor, Brad Little is the leader who is best prepared to defend Idaho’s natural resource industries and push back against constant threats from federal mismanagement and overreach.

STEM Action Center creation likely

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I am pleased that the STEM Action Center has passed both Chambers – this will be a terrific asset and tool for the students of Idaho.

The following article was originally published in The Coeur d’Alene Press on May 4, 2014, by Brian Walker. It has been republished here with express permission from The Coeur d’Alene Press.

Many spokes have formed around Idaho’s STEM education in recent years, and a hub for those spokes is coming through the Idaho Legislature.

The Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee on Thursday agreed to appropriate $650,000 in the first year toward the creation of a STEM Action Center.

“It will be exciting to get this off the ground,” said Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, who sponsored the bill with Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, R-Eagle. “Idaho has a lot of good things going on with STEM and this center, under the direction of the Governor’s Office, will give those a high-visibility hub for coordination and professional development.”

JFAC decided to appropriate around $200,000 per year after the first toward the action center.

An appropriations bill – the last hurdle in the Legislature – will be considered by legislators early next week before it arrives on Gov. Butch Otter’s desk.

Nonini said he doesn’t see anything that would thwart the effort.

The action center would be staffed with an executive director and an assistant. It would be governed by a nine-member board. The board would include representatives from the Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, State Board of Education, office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and five members appointed by Otter.

The center would coordinate STEM-related activities statewide, lead professional development activities, align public education STEM activities with higher education STEM activities and seek funding opportunities.

The center would be patterned after one in Utah.

“We don’t need to re-invent the wheel because Utah has a good model,” Nonini said.

Nonini and DeMordaunt organized the Legislature’s STEM Caucus earlier this year to explore how to increase the focus of STEM disciplines. Several business leaders around the state, including Lorna Finman of LCF Enterprises in Post Falls, have supported the creation of the center.

Nonini said he read a Coeur d’Alene Press article a year ago about an upcoming increase in demand for students with a STEM background. That, and other articles on STEM he read, made him realize there’s a need for an action center to better prepare Idaho for the future.

Nonini said the center should not only benefit education, but economic development and business recruitment as well.

The bill passed the full House last week 62-2 with six legislators absent. It passed a Senate committee 28-7 on Tuesday.

Letter to the Editor: Senator Nonini’s assistance to our family in a time of crisis and need was invaluable

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I received this letter that was submitted to the editor of the Coeur d’Alene Press from a couple that I was able to assist with some insurance issues.

April 30, 2014

My husband and I had a disagreement with our insurance agent and we were faced with a crises. We filed a complaint with the Idaho Department of Insurance in Boise, Idaho. Knowing that we were located in Coeur d Alene, the agent at the Department of Insurance in Boise recommended calling Bob Nonini, he is an “amazing Senator for the people.” So I did call our Senator, Bob Nonini. His wife Cathyanne answered the phone; Bob Nonini talked to me for an hour and a half from his home about our health insurance issue.

I am writing to document who Bob Nonini is and to thank him. More imperative than that, Bob Nonini is an individual who has taken the time, effort and patience to take care of the people in our community.
Thank you Bob.

Kristin and Bob Stueve
Coeur d Alene

Letter to the Editor: Candidate Surveys are Important

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This letter to the editor was submitted by Kootenai County Republican Central Committee secretary Sheila Waller.

Call the Republican Party platform survey a loyalty oath or a litmus test if you will but I believe that it provides a great starting point to vet candidates that aspire to the Party’s nomination as a candidate in the November general election. Candidates who responded to the survey gave voters a basis to decide how closely a candidate agrees with their own viewpoint. In the District 3 State Senator race, two candidates were given an opportunity to state their level of agreement with the Republican Party platform. However, only one of the candidates completed the survey. That candidate is Senator Bob Nonini. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Mr. Nonini and his level of agreement with the GOP Platform, at least one can be assured where he stands. The candidate who did not complete the survey has done the voters a disservice. He has not indicated his level of agreement with the Platform of the Party from whom he is seeking nomination. There is therefore no information on which to vet this candidate with respect to the Platform. Senator Nonini has represented my views in the Idaho Senate very well. He has declared where he stands regarding the planks of the Republican Party platform. The Idaho Freedom Foundation has ranked him Number 6 (out of 35 Senators) on their 2014 Freedom Index. This May 20th, my vote will be going to Senator Bob Nonini for District 3 State Senator. I urge you to support Senator Nonini with your vote also.

Letter to the Editor: Nonini takes interest in rural community

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Today, this letter was sent to us and the CDA Press from a member of our community.

April 30, 2014

The Mica-Kidd Island area south of town has been happy hunting grounds for politicians looking for votes. Unfortunately, most politicians never visit us unless it is time for votes. There are some exceptions to this stereotype, and among them is Senator Bob Nonini. Throughout the year Bob comes to the area to visit with his neighbors to the south. He and his wife Cathyanne have told me they enjoy local functions, just because they like the people and find it refreshing to get away from politicking. He saves that for the official Grange forums put on by the Mica Flats Grange. He appreciates the fact that the Grange is non-partisan.

We have seen politicians come and go from the Mica Flats Grange membership roster, but Bob has remained a member for many years and supports programs such as our local scholarship fund. He takes an interest in our rural issues and personally stays in touch with the residents of our community. He and Cathyanne are regular readers of our local newsletter put out by the Grange and will quietly attend meeting to listen to the residents. Bob’s genuine interest in our rural community makes him my choice for Senate District 3.

Ann Seddon
Coeur d’Alene

Letter to the Editor: Senator Bob Nonini truly cares

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Today, this letter was sent to us and the CDA Press from a member of our community.

April 30, 2014

Senator Bob Nonini has been a fearless advocate for property owners in Kootenai County. As a retired member of this community that was faced with an overwhelming assault on my property rights and peace in the neighborhood, Bob Nonini spent many hours of listening to our problems that also affected other neighbors and organized meetings with the local officials to mediate the problems. Senator Nonini is not just an impersonal lawmaker but truly cares about his community and the welfare of everyone. With his involvement, our property rights are now secure and the appropriate local agencies have been working with the people in Cougar Gulch to avoid any further disruptions and harassment to the retired people in this community. It is nice to know and personally experience the concern that he has for the business community and everyday voters alike. Thank you, Bob, for your time and love for this community. You have my vote and my neighbors in Cougar Gulch in the upcoming Primary election!

Lorri Erickson

Letter to the Editor: Nonini stays true to his promises

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This letter to the editor was published in the Coeur d’Alene Press this morning and was also sent directly to us.

April 30, 2014

As a trustee on the Post Falls School Board, I have been particularly interested in where the candidates stand on educational issues. I have attended a number of candidate forums over the past month and have learned who is in favor of Common Core, and who feels that there are inherent problems with this new federal program.

Among those who feel Idaho’s educational system is best controlled by Idaho, local School Boards and teachers is Senator Bob Nonini. While some of the other candidates do express these same beliefs, Senator Nonini has the voting record to back it up. As Chairman of the House Education Committee, he was instrumental in creating the Idaho Educational Network. Today, all Idaho high schools are hooked into this Network which allows students to supplement their education with online classes. This is especially beneficial to students in rural areas where, for example, higher-level classes in math and science may not be offered in the local school.

I also appreciate that Senator Nonini is willing to meet with any of us whenever we have questions.
Whether the issue has been education, healthcare, or taxes, over the years I have watched Senator Nonini stay true to his convictions and promises when he goes to Boise to cast his vote on our behalf. I encourage you to re-elect Senator Nonini.

Carol Goodman
Post Falls

Firefighters: Senator Nonini Supporters

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Senator Nonini is recognized as a Champion of Economic Development and is supported by the following:

• River City Paint
• LCF Enterprises
• Farm Bureau
• Rivers Edge Orthopedics
• North Idaho Neurosurgery & Spine
• Michael Drager, DPM
• MPMP Inc.
• Pleasant View Surgery Center
• North West Property Owners Association
• Discover Technology
• Micron Technology
• Idaho Chooses Life
• Agriculture & Natural Resources PAC
• Professional Firefighters of Idaho
• Kootenai County Fire & Rescue Local 2856
• Coeur d’Alene Greyhound Park & Event Center
• Idaho Veneer
• Potlach Corporation
• Idaho Forest Group
• Stimson Lumber Co.
• BNSF Railway
• Jacklin Seed
• Grace Tree Service
• Kokomo Marketing, Inc.
• Idaho Potato Industry
• Avista Corporation
• Idaho Forest Group
• Medicine Man Pharmacy
• Riley & Associates
• Winning for Idaho
• Heater Craft
• Hagadone Corporation (Idaho Committee on Hospitality & Sports)
• John F. Magnuson, Attorney at Law
• Reliant Northwest LLC
• IDABANK PAC State Fund
• DM & JW Investments LLC
• Donald Gary, Attorney at Law, CPA